We love fashion, but we love our world in its entirety even more. One should not exclude the other.

We value ethical production, organic and sustainable materials and fair working conditions in the supply chain. Every day we take responsibility for our role in the fashion system. All our garments are produced in certified factories that are selected by us and experts in the field. We try to reduce waste to a minimum and always use the most sustainable resources we can find. We are continuously striving for a good balance between giving and taking from our world and our workers. To us, that is justice. 



We are determined to provide you the information to make well informed choices. That’ s why we choose to be completely transparant about our production process, locations and the used materials. We truly believe that sharing in complete honesty will open doors. If not for us, may be it does for others that are in this sustainable journey as well.



Social responsibility and justice are very important to us in both message and practice. Each person involved with our products is treated with respect, works in a safe environment and receives a living wage. We mainly produce at Oriënt Fashions in India, in a GOTS and SA 8000 certified factory that secures fair working conditions and fair wages and has been awarded with a OGTC certificate for their women empowerment. They have an in house certified training center to educate and train women and men from rural areas to work in the fashion industry. They receive a salary during the training and afterwards they can get a job in the factory, if they wish. We bring visits to the factory and consult an expert in the field to do audits when necessary. We believe that in a country like India, where there are so many skilled people in the industry with all of their families depending on their jobs and income, we can make a positive impact by doing it right and by valuing them. A small part of our production takes place at Bravo Tekstil in Turkey, in a GOTS and BSCI certified factory. Bravo Tekstil is affiliated with the Fair Wear Foundation. For each product in our webshop is exactly mentioned where it has been made. 



 We use eco-friendly fibers like organic cotton, FSC Viscose and kapok and we upcycle by using dead stock fabrics. Our fabrics are Oeko Tex certified and we keep on opting and learning for the best available sustainable fabrics out there.



We compensate our carbon footprint caused by shipping our collections from overseas to The Netherlands by planting trees via the Dutch ‘Trees for All’ project. For packaging and labeling we use recycled cardboard and recycled and biodegradable home compostable materials.



Some pieces of our collection are linked to a social project in order to improve the environment and the living standard of people or animals. You can recognize these products with a clear sign in our webshop. A percentage of the profits will be donated to this social project. 



Our aim is to follow your wishes and demands for a better world closely, resulting in minimized waste and continuous research for the best sustainable and fair options out there. We thank you for embracing the sustainable journey in the same way we did: with an open heart and an open mind. Justice looks good on everyone. Thank you for helping protect our planet while looking absolutely fabulous.