We are Janneke and Judith, a former jurist and lawyer. With J LABEL we take justice enthusiastically to the next level. We are both Dutchies and J LABEL’ s founders and designers. We produce fair and sustainable fashion, while never losing an eye for beauty. We love fashion, but we love our world in its entirety even more. We believe one should not exclude the other. We have launched our fashion label and webshop in July 2018, exactly ten years after meeting each other in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the first time during a vacation and we have been inseparable ever since. Our friendship and partnership constantly drives us to improve as human beings and entrepreneurs and we share a huge desire for justice and exploring our curiosity, which makes us so passionate about this. We are both moms, aiming to raise our children to become independent, happy, free and conscious human beings. In the frame of ‘practice what you preach’, we decided to give our dream a chance by starting J LABEL, contributing step by step towards a positive difference in the world.
Our purpose is to use our gifts to improve the lives of others. Our garments are produced in certified factories that are selected by us and experts in the field. Each person involved with our products is treated with respect, works in a safe environment and receives a living wage. We reduce waste to a minimum and always use the most sustainable resources we can find. We are continuously striving for a good balance between giving and taking from our world and our workers. To us, that is justice. 


We also believe that fashion is a great way to express yourself and to show your authentic style. When you feel good in what you wear, the world picks up on your energy and this will reflect back on you. With much love and passionate work we hope to make a step towards a better world.

With love, Judith & Janneke

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