About our production locations

We choose to produce in the countries where the raw materials come from so we keep the employment in these countries, where usually good jobs are rare. To us, this is sustainable and local production. Social responsibility and justice are fundamental to J label in both principle and practice. Every person involved in our production is treated with respect, works in a safe environment and receives a fair living wage. We mainly produce in India, at Fabstract Clothing which is a GOTS, Fairtrade and SA 8000 certified factory and at Oriënt Fashions, a GOTS, Fairtrade and SA 8000 certified factory which has been awarded by the Indian government for their women empowering traineeships. They have an in-house certified training centre to educate and train women and men from rural areas to be able to work in the fashion industry. Whilst in training they receive a salary, and afterwards, there is the option for employment in the factory, if they wish. We visit the factory as often as possible and consult an expert in the field to do audits when necessary. We believe that in a country like India, where there are so many skilled people in the industry with all of their families depending on their jobs and income, we can make a positive impact by doing it right and by valuing them. A small part of our production for jeans wear takes place at Puum Tekstil in Turkey in a GOTS and BSCI certified factory. Our knit wear is made in Carpi, Italy, at Maison New Club. Only the best and most sustainable and responsible yarns from Italy are being used for our knitwear. Each product in our webshop is named after one of the workers in India, Turkey or Italy and we exactly mention the factory where the product has been made and the materials it has been made from on every product page.