When they say black, we say....GREEN!

When they say black, we say....GREEN!

With Black Friday coming up we want to invite you to our Green Friday Party

We believe the world needs parties like these, and here’s why.

Black Friday leads to:

massive overconsumption of stuff that is thrown away after being hardly used  - electronics, fast fashion and plastic being the top three
the most polluting shopping day of the year - created by the process of making, shipping and discarding the products
overproduction for even lower prices to keep making profits - leading to more waste and even worse pay for the workers
frantic, nervous energy leading you to think that you're missing out on 'something' when you don't purchase x, y or z - making you spend (hard-earned) money on things you often don't really need, leading to feelings of disappointment or even guilt

That's why we're turning Black Friday into Green Friday!

So how does it work?

Let’s turn all the bad stuff into something positive, this is how we roll:

1. Turn overconsumption into loving items forward. Go through your home and find 1-3 products you bought at some point but hardly used. (No judgment, it happens to all of us!) Donate to a local goodwill store, sell it on a website for secondhand items or give it to someone you know actually uses it.
2. Make a wishlist for the upcoming holidays and cross off every item you don’t really need, and highlight all items you can buy sustainably or find secondhand. Go do that.
3. Choose one product you regularly buy (toilet paper, socks, chocolate, coffee) and see if you can find a more sustainable and fair option. You get better quality, and workers get fair pay.
4. Write down five things that make you truly happy that a) you already own or b) are free. This can be the hug of your kid, your delicious homemade cappuccino without anyone disturbing you, that favorite dress, a text from your bestie that made you laugh or walking through the forest on a sunny fall day. Take it in, life is so good.


Still feel like buying something? We’re happy to help! For a fair price that honors our workers, the planet and you, as the wearer of something made with love. It shows!

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