What is the common secret between happy kids, lush green plants, delicious food and a wardrobe you love? 
It's this one thing: taking care.
Whether it's the people you love, the things you surround yourself with or the clothes you wear daily: everything is better when it's taken care of. And yes, that includes you too ;)
And extra benefit: clothes that are looked after will last at least twice as long. 
Taking care is sustainability magic!

Take washing your clothes for example. (Everyone's favorite, right?!)
You can wash them at 30 degrees at full speed. They will come out clean. 
But, you can ALSO wash them at 30 degrees on a lower 400-600 rpm cycle. 
They will not only come out clean, but also hardly wrinkled (no more ironing!) and preserving the beauty and softness of the fabric even more. We know which one we prefer!
Taking care is often in the little things and they profoundly upgrade everything in life. 

And since we love everything easy that makes a profound difference, we offer you all our best tips for taking perfect care of your clothes.
And these care instructions aren't limited to our collections, they work for every piece! 
So here you go, all our best tips in a row.

So get yourself one of our amazing items and know exactly how to take good care and optimally enjoy it! You take care of them, they take care of you. Happy wearing! 

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