Build a sustainable and stylish wardrobe in six easy steps

Build a sustainable and stylish wardrobe in six easy steps

Wouldn't it be great if your outfit is the last thing you need to stress about the next time you have an important presentation at work or a potentially hot date? No more changing outfits 6 times while freaking out and running late, those days are over! Having an inspiring wardrobe in your favorite colors where all items go together is absolute bliss - and totally doable! With these 6 tips, you'll create a sustainable wardrobe in no time. 

Choose your strategy

Choose one, or all, of these strategies: shop by style, color or category. Knowing your style and/or color palette can be a lifesaver. If you have a specific style you want to wear, make sure you have a mood board, Pinterest board or just some screenshots on your phone you can refer to when buying something new. Knowing the colors that look best on you saves you a lot of misbuying while making sure everything goes together. You can have your color palette determined, go google! You can also shop by category: tops, pants, dresses, jackets et cetera. It helps you balance out your shopping so you don't end up with 12 sweaters and only one pair of pants to wear.

2. Choose 1-3 sustainable brands and stick to them

Let's make this process really easy: choose 1-3 brands you love and stick to them. It might feel limiting at first, but it will give you peace of mind and a consistent style.

3 Prioritize what you need, not what you want

Discipline is choosing between what you want now, and what you want most.', the famous Abraham Lincoln said. So true, and so challenging! Be honest with yourself: how many dresses, pants and tops do you need to feel excited about your wardrobe? And have something to wear to every occasion? Start there and see how it feels.

4 Go and flow with the seasons

This is such a helpful step: shop with the seasons. Check-in with your wardrobe and wishlist every time the seasons are changing. Then take a look at the new collections of the brands you chose in step 2 and you can easily see what piece(s) will upgrade everything you already have.

5 Learn to style your clothes up and down

Learn to wear your pieces in a lot of different ways and wear them throughout the seasons. A summer dress matched with a sweater, tights and boots makes a great look for winter too! Accessorizing is a great way to style any outfit up or down. A power suit can be casual with a t-shirt and sneakers, and super classy with a blouse, a pair of heels and amazing earrings. And to top it off: learning to adjust your hair and make-up accordingly will seal the deal. There's nothing that turns an everyday outfit into a fancy night out like popping lipstick!

6 Take your time

So this sounds like the most boring one, but it's key. Creating a sustainable wardrobe is like baking a cake: you can't force a cake to cook by cracking up the heat, it will only burn it. The same goes here, impulse buying often kills the vibe! Slow is the way to go and don't forget to love every new piece that comes in. It might be the only thing that truly helps something grow. ;-)

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